Buying Tips

Variables that determine YOUR interest rate.

I know lots of rates are quoted in radio, TV and online; but not all of those rates are available to everybody.  In fact, some of those rates might not be available to anybody without some add-on fees, etc.

Here are some items that will be used to calculate the rate on your purchase:

  1. Cost vs. Credit
  2. Closing costs – Borrower Paid vs. Lender Paid
  3. You can get 2% towards lender paid costs
  4. $650 to $895 fees for “origination”
  5. Buy-down (higher down payment) of the rate
  6. Your Credit Score, of course

Houzz – A great design website

I first found these guys as an iPhone application, but they have a great website as well at

You can look at various styles of homes and then also review different spaces from laundry rooms to master bathroom suites.

22 year old First Time Buyer – Questions

Sometimes it’s better to see what others are asking, and what the “helpful” replies are to a question about buying your first home.  Here’s someone in California that is seeking advice.

Return on Investment for First Time Buyers

In some states, like Colorado, there are agents who exclusively work with buyers.  This is a post from one of their associations.  In Georgia, we can work with both buyers and sellers, which is an advantage, because knowing how both sides are behaving in a market is a huge plus.

Here’s a link to the article: First Time Home Buyer: How I Plan to Make a Return on My Investment (Part One)

This article is more about “buying ugly houses” in great locations, which is a great strategy if you have the means and the time or the skill to fix up a property or at least manage the renovations yourself.

Another First Time Home Buyer / Blogger

I found this blog today and thought some of you might enjoy following someone else through the process.

As always, if you have any questions, and there are NO dumb ones, just ring me, text me, hit me on the hip, tweet me, like me, follow me or just send me an email. Home Tips

I found this little site, and thought it has a great post and advice for first time home buyers.  If you’re purchasing your first home or know someone (perhaps a child) who is in the market to buy a house, point them here for some good advice.

The main point here is not to try and go it alone.  Ask around in your local area for a good buyer’s agent and a good mortgage officer to help you through financing and purchasing.  If you’re buying in the Atlanta, Georgia area, just give me a ring, I’d love to talk about representing you.  You can also click on my financing page at and click one of the logos to be put in contact with a great mortgage or loan officer.

I know home ownership sometimes seems daunting, but the feeling of having a place that is truly “home” is worth all the paperwork.

Don’t look like a first time buyer

I thought these were some pretty good (and somewhat tongue-in-cheek) tips from Amy Rose Dobson.  Here’s the link.  Of course, the very best way to not look like a first-time buyer is to have a buyer’s agent coaching you along the way.  That’s what we REALTORS® are here for, to make sure you get great representation and advice with your transaction.