There are only a few steps to buying a home.  At each step along the way, you will need various experts to help you, including a real estate agent, a mortgage officer (if financing), a closing attorney, an appraiser and a home inspector, among others.  Here are the basic steps:

  1. Determine how you will pay for the home (cash or financing) and your budget
  2. Scout out the general area you would like to live, taking into account commute times, school systems, etc.
  3. Start searching for a home online
  4. Contact your real estate agent once you’ve determined what kind of home you want to buy
  5. Start looking at properties
  6. Narrow down to the one you want to purchase, or build if that’s the case
  7. Make an offer
  8. If you get the home under contract, start the paperwork for financing and due diligence (inspection)
  9. Once you’ve satisfied the requirement of the mortgage officer, you’ll be given a loan package and clear to close
  10. If the home inspection is satisfactory, or the seller agrees to make repairs, continue towards closing
  11. Set up moving into the new home
  12. Go to closing at the attorney’s or title company’s office
  13. Move in and ENJOY, remember to plan for utilities to be turned on or transferred into your name